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Back from Cyclorama

The CFTF Team is back from the Sierras! We made it out of the backcountry on July 4th.. just in time to catch some fireworks and celebrate America! Great trip, some photos below hopefully give some insight to how the whole thing went. We should have a full Trip Report out to donors in the next few months.

Quick thoughts after spending two days hoofing it out of the mountains.

1- Having Kevin's family along for the trip was the most valuable part of the entire thing. It was a true pleasure and blessing to share the adventure and remember Kevin while sharing in suffering.

2- We had an adventure that was truly a tribute to Kevin and his memory. Reinhold Messner once said, "Adventure is being willing to leave the comfort of a domestic hearth for an uncertain resting place," and I really feel as though we accomplished that in a way that Kevin would have loved.

3- Cyclorama is big and chossy. We put a solid effort into the route and went high, a few members of our team summited, albeit by route we weren't intending, but all in all a great trip.

If you are interested in more information about the trip please contact us!

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